Venus Magic Facial Oil by Family Affairs
Venus Magic Facial Oil by Family Affairs

Venus Magic Facial Oil by Family Affairs

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Nina of Family Affairs says:

So excited to introduce Family Affairs alchemist beauty! 
I've been selling them to a wonderful response. Starting off with the Venus facial oil!

I've been a natural beauty and magical herbalism nerd since my college baby days and been making my own facial oils for some years but only a few months ago had that lightning bolt moment of : omg let me combine my two herb niches and create oils that work on you - skin and soul deep. Let me make something that smells intoxicating and makes you feel amazing! I wanted the oil to feel luxuriously smoothing and the scent to linger with a seductive wink.

My vision is for you to love on yourself with reference while applying the oils, you are venus personified! To make an ordinairy moment such as applying your face oil into a little love ritual. This way you can create practical magic even while on a plane or at your desk at work. 

The Venus oil is a bold invitation to full bloom beauty, love, romance, pleasure and art.

I am loving making the oils. The process starts with heaps of hibiscus and rose petals, cinnamon, star anise and vanilla beans soaked in almond oil, slowly infused by the sun and moon, surrounded by rosequartz. These are super charged with venus energy and super potent!

Add a few drops or more into the palm of the hands and massage into your freshly washed, still dewy face and neck.

Magic properties
Hibiscus flower: Fun, free spirit, full bloom
Vanilla; Seduction and warmth
Rose; Total love, passion and beauty
Cinnamon: So lucky, speeds up love coming in and spices up love life
Damiana: Straight up attraction and love, hot!
Lemongrass: Good luck!
Peach kernel oil: Great manifestor, bringing in an easier life

Beauty properties
Cinnamon bark: tightens and plumps
Pomegranat oil: a little face lift, nourishing.
Seabuckthorn oil: healing, anti aging
Rose essential oil: toning, astringent, anti-inflammatory, smoothing
Lavender essential oil: helps skin renew and heal itself
Lemongrass essential oil: minimizes pores and tightens skin
Rose hip oil: evening out skin tone

List of ingredients:
Herbs: Hibiscus flower, rose petals, vanilla bean, star anise, cinnamon, damiana

Oils: Almond, grapeseed, coconut, olive, peach kernel, pomegranat oil, seabuckthorn, rose hip

Essential oils: Rose, lemongrass, lavender