Sacred Treasure
Jewelry, Pendant, Gold
Jewelry, Pendant, Gold

Sacred Treasure

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A new paradigm of conscious creations: Chiara De Lucia wants to create a new connection between the material and spiritual world. 
The sacred treasures carry a high frequency transmitting the qualities of the Holy Mother within: Grace, Protection, Purity and Magnetism.
We envision an empowered world  led by joy where all women are connected to their Soveregnity and feel, speak and act from this place of Grace. 
By adorning your sacred temple with our high charged Gems you become a part of an unseen chain of golden beings, connected by the purity of their hearts.
Sophisticated and soulful treasures which awaken the qualities of the Divine Femme within you. 
  • 9K Gold Made in Italy
  • Short Chain 37.5cm 
  • Medium Chain 47.5cm