Yoga Mat, Sheepskin, Yoga, Kundalini


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Throughout the ages, many great yogis and sages have used animal skins to sit on during meditation.

Yogi Bhajan recommended the sheepskin for meditation practice, as it created an insulation between the yogi and the magnetic pull of the earth. 

In addition to the grounding and protecting properties of the sheepskin, by practicing Kundalini Yoga and Meditation upon the skin, you liberate the animal's soul into a higher realm.

A wonderfully bright Merino sheep skin - convenient for many occasions and ideal for yoga as it insulates very well.

This is a large, wonderfully thick and fluffy quality sheepskin from Australia, with long hair, in a warm and natural beige color. This longhair-sheepskin isolates you very well from the ground and is very comfortable for sitting or laying. Sheepwool is comfortably balancing the temperatures and is able to neutralize excess sweat.

Yogi Bhajan recommended to do Yoga on a sheepskin, because it isolates your own magnetic field (the Aura) from the magnetic field of the earth.

  • Hair length approx. 30 mm (sheared)
  • Lenght: approx. 100 cm
  • Washable at max. 30° C
  • Origin: New Zealand
  • Colour: natural white
  • Sheepskins ethically sourced from local and trusted dealer.