Puntas de Citrino
Puntas de Citrino

Puntas de Citrino

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The natural citrine tips are used on the solar plexus to regulate the energy of power, of force, of manifestation, this crystal connects with the inner sun. The tip allows to direct the energy towards the earth or towards the crown chakra as we need it. 

Citrin connects us with the energy of Prosperity. It belongs to the yellow ray and brings warm, invigorating, comforting solar energy. It helps to works Abundance and to make aware of the choices we make every day. 


CTPM02 8cmX2cm 50€

CTPM01, CTPM05, CTPM06 8cmX3cm 70€

CTPM08 8cmX2.5cm 62€

CTPM03 7cmX2cm 54€