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”The Kundalini is known as the nerve of the soul. This is to be awakened. Your soul is to be awakened. When soul gets awakened, there remains nothing... If your soul is awakened, what else do you need?”
– Yogi Bhajan.

Kundalini Yoga is an oral tradition dating back hundreds if not thousands of years. In the early 1970’s, when this ancient technology was being presented, students would patiently wait to hear from fellow students and teachers what Yogi Bhajan had just taught. Students took notes, made drawings and passed them on... In a certain sense it was revolutionary that this sacred, once secret science was being recorded and distributed. Never, in history, had this been done before.

It was very exciting when a Kriya-write up, manual or a ”Beads of Truth”-magazine became available and when the Meditation Manual for Intermediate Students was published and distributed, it was a revelation. So many amazing Kriyas! It felt like as long as one had this manual, one could practice Kundalini Yoga for the rest of the life. It was like having the security of a treasure that would never diminish or get old.

This wonderful book: KRIYA - Yoga Sets, Meditations & Classic Kriyas contains many of the Kriyas from the Meditation Manual for Intermediate Students as well as many previously unpublished Kriyas from that era. Some of the models in the book are children of original student-teachers of Yogi Bhajan...
You will enjoy these effective and powerful Kundalini Yoga Kriyas. By practicing them, you can uplift yourself and inspire yourself to try some of these again and again!

KRIYA - Yoga Sets, Meditations & Classic Kriyas from the Early Teachings of Yogi Bhajan contains:

  • Challenging physical Kundalini Yoga Kriyas from the 1970s and 1980s
  • More than 100 Meditations, including Visualizations, Praanayams, Silent Meditations, and Meditations with Mantra
  • Includes Material from the Meditation Manual for Intermediate Students, K.R.I.Y.A., Under the Blue Skies, and more!

Language: English.
Format: ca. 21,6 x 28 cm.
358 pages, full colored.