Infinity and Me - Harijot Kaur Khalsa

Infinity and Me - Harijot Kaur Khalsa

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"When I call on my Infinity, I can come through anything. Then I shall never be handicapped. That is the rule of life. That is how we shall enter the Age of Aquarius." (Yogi Bhajan).

At the direction of Yogi Bhajan, Harijot Kaur has compiled the next brilliant collection of Kundalini Yoga sets in her series.

"Wenn ich mich auf meine eigene Unendlichkeit besinne, kann ich durch alles hindurchgehen. Dann werde ich niemals Behinderungen erfahren. Dies ist das Gesetz des Lebens. Auf diese Weise werden wir in das Wassermann-Zeitalter eintreten." (Yogi Bhajan)

Auf Anweisung von Yogi Bhajan hat Harijot Kaur diese neue, brillante Sammlung mit Kundalini Yoga Sets und Meditationen in ihrer Serie herausgebracht.

- A Basic Set
- A Very Subtle Exercise
- Adjusting the Navel
- Balancing the Depository System
- Building Strength and Vigor
- Become Strong as Steel
- Connect Physical and Heavenly Reality
- Create Muscular Balance
- Correct Nerve Shallowness
- Creating Magnetic Fields
- Experiencing the Pranic and Physical Bodies
- Eliminate Gastric and Heart Problems
- Folding and Unfolding of the Energy
- Kriya for Achieving Comfortable Happy Sleep
- Move the Glandular System
- Refreshing the Nervous System
- Work on the Meridians
- Ribcage, Lungs and Lymphatic System
- Working the Command Post Area


- Mantra to Open Up Blockages in Your Life
- Mudra to Open Up Blockages in Communication
- Knowing What to Do
- Sahaj Yoga
- Mantra to Make the Blind See
- Balancing the projection With the Intention
- Sa Ta Na Ma 2nd Phase
- Panj Graani Kriya
- Prosperity, Fulfillment, Success
- Pranic Meditation for the Heart Center
- Working on the Third Chakra
- Working on the Fourth, Fifth, & Sixth Chakras
- The Magic Mantra
- Meditation With the Magic Mantra
- Using the Magic Mantra as a Gudtkaa
- Gudtkaa Kriya
- Maha Gyan Agni Kriya