Feminine MOON
Feminine MOON
Feminine MOON
Feminine MOON
Feminine MOON

Feminine MOON

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ARTIFACTS4GOODLIVING is hand crafted and itnentionally made jewelry deisgned to POSITIVELY give support and guidance to the spiritual practice.

Embrace the power of intention with our exquisite jewelry collection, designed to complement and enhance your spiritual practice. Our pieces serve as beautiful reminders, amplifying your awareness and consciousness towards your intentions.

Each AMULET carries its own unique energy,  aligning with your desires and guiding you on your spiritual journey. Let our jewelry be a sacred adornment, a tangible representation of your innermost intentions, and a constant source of inspiration.
Wear it with intention, and let its beauty ignite your soul's purpose.

We have chosen 6 different AMULETS with specific vibration to interact with your electromagnetic field:

Intuition, balance, awaken, inner connection, protection & aura expansion.

FEMININE MOON: Aura Expansion. Increase your vibrant Aura, become a beam for yourself and others.

ARTIFACTS4GOODLIVING brings you their exquisite line of amulet jewelry, which is much more than a jewel!

Inspired by the ancient traditions in which a specific geometric form has a positive influence in the energy and vibration of our being, this subtle knowledge is infused within the jewelry with a specific intention (Inspired by Guru Dev Singh master of SNR), to unlock and promote your inner power! The three main categories to choose from are: Body, Mind & Soul. You can either follow your intuition and choose your own or you can have a private 1 to 1 Numerology Reading and get a personalized Amulet.

All jewellery is made in silver 925 or Gold Plated 

All jewellery has to be taken care of and the more you do the longer it will keep its initial appearance:
  • REMOVE Before taking a bath or shower or in the sea
  • AVOID Direct contact with perfumes , lotions, or chemicals.
  • REMOVE  Before working out or doing a physical activity.
  • STORE  In a pouch or bag when not being worn.