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Eudialyte will give you more physical energy to help you achieve all your goals. It will act like a battery that adds energy to you when you’re not at your peak or at the top of your game.

Eudialyte is also a powerful protection stone that will keep the negative energies away. It will help you let go of pessimistic feelings as well.

When it comes to this stone, there will be no room in your life for pessimistic people, and you will steer clear of them when they threaten to come inside your circle.

Eudialyte is a grounding stone that will keep you balanced and Aligned to your goals. It will fine tune the energies in your life and help you manifest your desires!

It will remind you of all the skills and talents that you possess and the many things that you can do with them.


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Eudialyte 4cmX3cmX3cm 30€