RA MA Records Volume II CD

RA MA Records Volume II CD

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RA MA Records, Vol. 2 is a great compilation from RA MA Records, featuring the Go Go's Mantra all-girl band Go Gobinday! and seven other tracks performed by other artists that have been carefully designed to blow your ears into the next dimension of spiritual mantra music!

From mantras to heal familial karmas put to an all girl Ramone's vibe, to Yogi Bhajan poems repurposed into catchy pop songs, RA MA Records Vol. 2 music opens the door to a completely new genre of Kundalini mantra recordings.


  • Sat Narayan (07:43)
    Go Gobinday!
  • The Calling (04:18)
    Guru Jagat & Stereobrother
  • All Kinds of Love (04:45)
    Onyay Pheori
  • Aadyas Tisai Aadays (05:28)
    Erin Breech
  • Beautiful I Remember You / Wahe Guru (04:28)
    Jennifer Paskow
  • Sat Nam (03:14)
    Stacy Matulis
  • This Day (03:55)
    The Gilded Lillies
  • Peace is Easy (04:12)
    Gala Oakhem