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Vastu Rose Quartz

Vastu Rose Quartz

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Vastu is an astrological Feng Shui that uses the power of gemstones to align the frequencies of your home and business.  Vastu is practiced in the Vedic Indian astrological tradition to integrate and compass directions, ancient geometric angles and the placements to harness the positive energies of the cosmos. 

These special Vastu cures were handmade by Genna Howard. Co-created with the tutelage of our beloved evolutionary astrologer, Tashi Powers and soaked in the cosmic mantra vibrations. 

Vastu has been practiced for over 10,000 years in both India and China as a discipline to align one’s personal space, home or business, physical locations around the earth, architecture, geomancy and gemstones, with the planetary positions. Respecting both Mother Nature and the Cosmos, Vastu aligns what is “as above – so below” into a personal experience.
Western Astrology have borrowed from these two ancient cultures to optimize the art of living well using the elements of sky, earth, air, water and ether. The purpose of Tashi’s modern take on Vastu is to use this ancient system with the benefit of personal computers in everyone’s pocket to harness these elements, along with the compass directions, ancient geometric angles and proven placements of gems, sacred symbols and/or deities, as well as color to harness cosmic positive energies.
Whether you are new to astrology or an evolutionary astrologer; whether you are learning to communicate with the Planets, Stars, Galactic Center or a Yogini aspiring to open your Third Eye to the wonders of the inner dimensions; or if you are just Cosmic Curious–VASTU is for you.