Green apatite, Orange Calcite, Crystal

Green Apatite in Orange Calcite

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Green Apatite in Orange Calcite is a very calming and soothing stone. Our heart, throat, and third eye chakras become activated and aligned when working with this stone. When these chakras are activated together, one will notice how clearer their communicative skills are. You’ll soon realize that the more you work with this stone, the more it pushes you to speak from the wisdom of the mind, with love radiating from your heart.

This crystal works with your emotions and strengthens them so that they may not overwhelm you during difficult times and conversations. We recommend carrying or wearing this stone when involving yourself in uncomfortable situations, or vocalizing sensitive material and information you hold very close to you.

This stone will help you choose the right words to say, while also not letting emotions get the best of you. It really keeps your mind and heart from overwhelming you, while pushing you to speak freely about difficult subjects.

  • GAPCA307
  • 12cm X 10cm X 6cm 
  • 1kg