RA Body Oil for Sun Gods

RA Body Oil for Sun Gods

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An alchemy of Mallorcan plant extracts to rejuvenate sun-kissed skin. This micro-batch of the island oil harnesses sensual aromas of wild-harvested pine, rosemary, cypress and neroli. These essences are infused in biodynamic olive oil to sustain collagen and give you radiant skin from anti-oxidant and vitamin E. 

Instructions: All-in-one body oil to nourish yourself from head to toe. Always test a skin patch first.

Ingredients: Olea europaea (olive/olivo), pinus halepensis (pine/pino), citrus aurantium flower oil (neroli), foeniculum vulgare (fennel/hinojo), cistus ladanifer (rock rose/jara), rosmarinus officinalis L. (rosemary/romero), P. lentiscus (mastic/lentisco), cypressus sempervirens (cypress/cipres), hipericum balearicum (St. John´s-wort/Hierba de San Juan), Limonene*, linalool*, geraniol*. *Naturally occuring in essential oil.

Do not use during pregnancy or breast-feeding