Olive Latte

Olive Latte

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2A olive leaf infusions & powders

Heavenly power. Cure-it-all-remedy. These are a few attribute the ancient Egyptians applied to the power contained in the leaf of an olive tree.

We at 2A breathe new life into the remains of the olive tree by hand-harvesting the green cut during pruning season at the organic olive grove Son Moragues on Mallorca’s West Coast. We love the harvest among the old & wise trees as much as we love re-interpreting the up-cycled leaves into a deliciously healthy beverage.

Our 2A infusions and powders are artfully composed of purely organic ingredients, sourced , dehydrated and milled within the boundaries of the island.

The essential oils, distilled with love by alchemist Joan Canaves, are carefully and with deep respect sourced and handpicked by him from the wild and indigenous plants found along the Mallorcan coastline and in the majestic Tramuntana mountains.

Our 2A infusions are carefully wrapped in plastic free , 100% compostable bags .